Elgin Pumas Become Newest PLA Member

Club Statement

Throughout the years, Elgin Pumas has been growing and coaching enthusiastic players to develop impressive skills. Elgin Pumas gives kids the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and grow as individuals. Since the club was founded, our ideal has been to expand our horizons and enhance kids to become healthy and productive adults. Playing in the PLA will be substantial because it will take our teams to compete in higher levels. Our teams, as well as our fans have been eagerly waiting for a chance to take part of something greater. We are committed and ready to launch into this new phase of our club.


“It’s a great opportunity for all of the Elgin Pumas’ players especially for those over 19 years of age, that want to continue learning, and have great potential to keep competing in higher levels. As well as for the little ones, they will see them as role models and will want to continue playing in the club.” -Thomas Cahue (Coaching Staff)

“For the club and myself, it is a great opportunity because people will recognize our club talent. Our players are looking forward to compete in higher levels and they are ready to take on the challenge.” -Luis Colin (CEO)

“I’ve been playing here for about a decade now, I started when I was 7 years old, throughout the time I learned and grew up with the same teammates. As we progressed, we looked up to more experienced players. Now that we have this opportunity, we see it as an objective to try to compete at a higher level.” -Jose Rodrigo Cruz (U19 player)

Elgin Pumas Soccer Club is the second expansion club ahead of the PLA's 2017 season. The Muskegon Risers joined in August of 2016.


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